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home birth midwife now available to support you

Diving deep within, to that place where only the brave and determined go; finding what I needed, knowing it was going to be a long and arduous journey. That I might fall; that I might swoon; that I might get lost and further what it was that I yearned for... The deed is done now, thank the guides; and thank me; and thank all that have reached out and given me what I didn't know I needed along the way. I come out of the ashes ready, willing and able... so If you need a midwife who knows her way into that place of timelessness; who's met the scary bits that can trip you up and cause you to falter and doubt yourself, only to rise up and cross over the finish line with bub in arms and triumph in your eyes... Call me and I will give you what I am able: Blessed be. 0408423738


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