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Services I offer...


HypnoBirthing:  Contact me to arrange private or group sessions (each package includes 5 sessions 2 1/2 hours in length, weekdays or weekends, depending on your needs)

Soundbirth:  For centruies, women have utilised sound druing thier pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Sound has been found to balance, heal and support women, their families and their babies, both inside and outside the womb. Using Kochi chimes, voice and crystal bowls (A-minor tone) and drumming, I can support you.

Reiki:  I am available to provide support to you and your born (or unborn) through the use of Reiki.

Reflexology:  Utilising knowledge of meridians in the feet, practitioners of reflexology have supported balance and wellbeing during pregnancy, labour and birth - as well as to inform and support parents utilising this kind of massage with their newborn.

Narrative Therapy: story telling as a way of exploring ideas, beliefs and experiences that sometimes get in the way of a good pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences.

Practical support:  'Rent-a-Granny' services include doing what you wish you could do but can't - those roles that in the past were taken on by families and communities. These tasks range from changing a lightbulb to cleaning the dishes to going for groceries at the local shops. or making a nutritious meal for you and your family It is whatever you want it to be: its the extra pair of hands that are sometimes needed when a newborn enters your life...

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