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'all things birth'...

...Sometimes I look at myself as 'this' or 'that' - and see a creative, birthing reflection that is an aspect of 'me'. I birth ideas, stories, ways of living and loving - as do all of us. I know an aspect of myself through supporting a woman with reproductive issues so that in her own power, she can conceive. I view myself as teacher and student in that I have been taught and understand how SoundBirth & HypnoBirth can facilitate a birth; I have been trained in the art of Reflexology; Reiki and spiritual mothercraft and have watched as these strategies are used to support an empowered birth. I also believe we are all Storytellers and through story we can counsel ourselves and each other, exploring who we are as we prepare for the birth of a child, an idea or a way of living. 

Sometimes, life experiences leave us tramatised - and even with the best intentions, many of us leave the birthing space traumatised. Yes, we have a live baby (phew) - but even the idea of a close call can leave us tramatised - and in order to move on, we need to share and be counselled. Write the story and have a good look at it - put it out there so that it can be explored. Don't keep it buried - talk - talk to someone (myself included) about this. I believe in the saying 'better out than in'. Give it a go.

birth trauma

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