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the importance of diet and a healthy immune system

Easter eggs and breast feeding... tis the season, after all... lots to think about in this article:


Sound is movement - and because we are mostly water, the vibration of sound has the potential to support health - or encourage dis-ease. As a SoundBirth Practitioner, I have witnessed the use of sound in pregnancy, birthing and in the early parenting/newborn time. Check it out... here is a link to my mentor's website:

HypnoBirth® International, of which I am a practitioner, also refers to movement - in this case, to emotional, psychological; a shifting of beliefs that sometimes interfere with a calm, conscious and empowered birth. Story telling can also shift negative belief patterns - and this is where Narrative therapy can support movement.

Positioning (mother and child) is all part of movement in that the unborn child wants to find a position that is comfortable and appropriate - for himself and his mother - during pregnancy, birth - and of course, early newborn/mothering (during breastfeeding; co-sleeping - or not; strategies suggested to reduce SIDS - and so much more...). Yoga, especially Pregnancy yoga worked a treat for me. And sharing ideas and stories heard from other women; reading books such as Active Birth by Janet Balaskas (1990) or Optimal Fetal Positioning by Sutton and Scott (1996) - or even more recently, Spinning Babies®, a unique approach to birth created by midwife Gail Tully... (2019)

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