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2021... what serves me to grow and evolve - and what's best thrown in the bin?...

Reflecting on the past year involves having the space, the time and the energy to do so, without the stressors. And this year, I am dedicating space, time and enough rest for that energy of reflection to flow. Because without these, when we continue to respond to stressful situations without down time, reflection becomes impossible. So why is reflection so important? It allows us to KNOW and to GAIN INSIGHT into who we are; it allows us to HEAL from previous experiences, so we can effectively move forward without unnecessary baggage; it allows us to DEVELOP HEALTHY, POSITIVE STRATEGIES - for our own life - and as examples for others: our children, our family, our friends or those we support along the road of life... As I look back on this past year, there are moments in time that I want to embrace and hold dear to my heart, reliving the memories detail by detail; others that I immediately want to toss off into the bin, grimacing at the thought of the whole ordeal; and others (these being the most challenging), I just want to ignore, deny them any reality - and pretend that they never happened... Check out Alex Howard videos on stress response and strategies that help support a healthy response, A timely gift and I'm learning heaps - maybe you will too.

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