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HypnoBirthing® International Practitioner

I read a study recently that antenatal care for pregnant women is 92% assessment, monitoring and screening - and only 8% is actual antenatal 'care'. I've also heard recently, that all those screening tests, monitoring practices and assessment tools create fear in women. We all know what fear can do: it causes the body to respond with a flight or flight - or freeze response. And that can NOT be good for women as they go into labour. Nor can it be good for the bub - or her partner for that matter.

That's why I enrolled and became certified as a practitioner...

The 5 session course is for women and their birth companion who are looking for an alternative method or complimentary method of preparing for childbirth and parenting. It is provided by a qualified, certified HypnoBirthingÒ practitioner who explores the holistic nature of childbearing and the use of supportive methods that assist the development and integration of skills that will lead to a calm, confident and empowered birth. By developing skills in relaxation, visualization, affirmation, self hypnosis and breathing techniques through regular practice, a couple can feel confident and in control of their childbearing experience where ever they choose to birth.

Call me. You wont regret it. I promise...

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