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There are times that I feel this sense of urgency to go out and protect Creation - that I start to think that there is no hope for humankind, that all my efforts to save Mother Nature are in vain. That we have sided with the devil and our path is set: there is no turning back. When we began to fear the Mother; began to destroy her instead of honouring her - these attitudes, actions had consequences beyond our imaginings.

I can be likened to Eve in the garden who has chosen to abandon the bliss of Eden by taking a bite of the fruit of knowledge - the truth being that our reality as keepers/carers/companions of this fair Earth are finite. And I feel shamed and want to cover myself - and hide from God, from Allah, from the All. Or I want to go out there and protect her, this manic need to protect Nature from all evils. Then I realise that the All that created this Earth; that created me, does not need me to protect it. In one fell swoop, it could destroy everything that humankind has done to it's Earth. I mean, it is the All after all ...

Instead, I think its time for me to embrace, celebrate; explore Nature, the Nature of things, this Creation - as lovers explore each other: to become more intimate; more in love; more passionate with the essence of the other.

And this amazingly magical, mystical, miracle we call Earth - this Holyland: she has peirced me through the heart with her arrow of loving Magnificance. And I am in awe of her; I love her.

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