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I am a woman, a mother, a midwife...


I am not a doctor, I am a registered nurse and midwife (Australia).  I have academic credentials, namely a BScN (Canada); Cert Midwifery (UK) and MMid (Australia). My comments on every subject are not intended to be taken as fact - I simply discuss my own personal experiences and my opinions, most of which is based on articles, research and literature reviews.  The links and references I make to other sources are there for your use - whether for the opportunity to further explore the topic - or as a means to support you on your journey to self knowledge. Please do not take anything that I write, or say, as authoritative, or as truth, or as medical advice.  My philosophy is that we women are fully thinking, feeling human beings, and that as adults, we are capable of making our own discernments and decisions on what is true for ourselves. This is the beginning of Individualised care, the unique care package. This is taking responsibility for our own health and wellness.


seeing your reflection
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Moments in time

aspects of the self

we  have many faces: those we share with ourselves, intimate others and the world at large. How familiar are you with your many faces? Are they your friends or arch enemies?...


we are what we eat

the Mother Earth has provided us with everything we need to stay strong, stay healthy. Whether we choose to be vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous or a fruititarian - we need to feel comfortable with these choices. We have to own them; they need to reflect our philosophy of life here on earth.


our use of movement

Most women acknowledge the first movement - the quickening - of their young. And whether your first movement was embraced as the sensation likened to that of a butterfly or a rumbling in the tummy, this was significant, it helps us bond with out unborn child. Movement is significant.

It makes us strong and powerful.

It makes us capable of doing what it is we choose to do.


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